Why Studio Vintage ?


The english word "vintage" from the old french "vendange", which designates a high-quality wine, becomes an expression that means "good taste". It also evokes reproduction of old products adapted to the taste of the day. Moreover, it is something that one does not throw away but rather keeps ...like memories. It conjures up quality, exclusivity, history and style ... This is what we are commited to conveying in our photos and videos.

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In photography, experience and curiosity have made my "education".


I decided to move to Madrid to devote myself to my passion that I have ever since: The Photo.



I decided to strengthen my passion by forming: "title of university expert in professional photography apliqued" in the prestigious school of photography EFTI and finalist of the contest "IV Beca Jacobo Tosio" in 2017.


Self-taught, I want to make emotions live through the image it is a deep desire of the contact with the others.

I like to create a presence ... and to make sure that each person can reconcile with his image through phototherapy, to transmit what it considers useful through its image.


I continue to improve while devoting myself fully to the world of events and portraiture.


I remain attentive to the latest trends in terms of audiovisual techniques and every day takes more pleasure to live from this passion

                                    Lille . France

In 2002, arrived in Madrid to follow a training as a senior technician in audiovisual production and shows at CES.


Quickly, I made my profession an important part of my life: Concerts in Guatemala, Mexico or the United States, tennis tournaments in Doha and Madrid, international fairs in Paris, London or Berlin, congress in Vienna or in Lisbon.


A whole journey and experience that taught me to look from different points of view and allowed me to acquire a wide variety of skills.


Always open to new ideas, I like that experience, freshness and creativity is appreciated in every production.

                                    CEUTA. SPAIN